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Dogs Local Law 2016

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 16/03/2016 to 13/05/2016.



The City is in the process of updating its local laws. Many were made in 1999, and were contemporary in their day, but require updating to the point where replacement in many instances is warranted.

It is proposed to make a Dogs Local Law to replace Parts 2 and 3 of the Animals Local Law 1999.

A summary of the proposed local law major provisions are as follows:

  • Part 1 - Sets out administrative provisions and contains definition of terms used throughout the local law.
  • Part 2 - Establishes a requirement for dog owners to adequately fence their properties so as to effectively contain any dogs kept on the premises. Section 2.2 reflects the current local law with respect to the maximum number of dogs that can be kept, being that if the premises are situated on:  

- a lot having an area of 4 hectares or more – 6 dogs over the age of 3 months and the young of those dogs under that age; or

- any other lot – 2 dogs over the age of 3 months and the young of those dogs under that age.

This Part also makes it an offence if a person in charge of a dog does not remove any faeces left by the dog in any place except where the owner or occupier consents for it to be left.

  • Part 3 - Deals with kennel establishments, and reflects the City’s current Animals Local Law provisions.
  • Part 4 - Sets out enforcement provisions. Schedule 1 provides a form for application for a licence for an approved kennel establishment and Schedule 2 is a list of modified penalties which are also linked to the City’s Penalty Units Local Law 2015, under which one penalty unit is $10.00.

Comments can be emailed to enquiries@wanneroo.wa.gov.au, mailed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Wanneroo, Locked Bag 1, WANNEROO WA 6946, or made in person at the City of Wanneroo, Administrative Centre, 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo.

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