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Councillor Frank Cvitan JP

Frank Cvitan JP

Contact details

Telephone: 9409 9940 (mobile 0419 994 944)

Fax: 9440 4777

Email: frank.cvitan@wanneroo.wa.gov.au

Term expires: October 2023

Cr Frank Cvitan was first elected to the Council in 1999 and again from 2011.

A resident of the City for more than five decades, Frank is committed to ensuring development across the City is underpinned by proper and orderly planning. East Wanneroo is of particular interest in this regard, where he has been working to ensure the sustainability of the area’s wetlands, alongside development planning, since 2005.

Frank’s goals include the continuing development and progress of Wanneroo Town Centre, full dualling of Wanneroo Road, extension of the rail line to Yanchep, a bypass for East Wanneroo, graffiti and crime prevention, traffic control for Joondalup Drive and the removal of the Wangara Peat Stockpile.

Additionally, Frank is advocating for the connection of the Central Ward and its residents to the wider Perth metropolitan rail network via a dedicated light rail solution.

This information has been written by the Council Member.

Ward: Central Ward

Position: Councillor

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