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2021 Local Government Election Results

The Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) has announced the results of the 2021 Local Government Election for the City of Wanneroo. View the results


Tenders and contracts

Current tenders

Please use our new E-Tender portal. You will need to register your organisation. 

With our E-Tender portal you can receive the latest information on tenders currently being advertised and those tenders which have been awarded, as well as assistance with receiving, viewing and clarifying tender documents. 

E-Tender portal

Additional benefits to customers using E-Tender include the ability to receive automatic email updates and notifications regarding tenders advertised by the City of Wanneroo.

Purchasing Policy

Statement of Business Ethics

General Conditions of Contract for Goods and/or Services (Quotations)

General Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (Quotations)

General Conditions of Contract for Minor Works (Quotations)

Recordkeeping Plan (Contractor Requirements)