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Committees and Groups

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The City’s Committees and Groups, span a range of topics and seeks collaboration between the community and Council in making informed decisions aligned to the City’s strategy. Members can nominate to hold a position on a Group for a two-year term, which aligns with local government elections. 

The following Groups have active Community membership. 

Ni Kadadjiny Koort - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Reference Group - Positions available

Guides and monitors the City’s Reconciliation Action Plan and provides advice on issues relating to communities and people of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.


Arts Advisory Group

Advice on matters relating to the arts.


Business and Tourism Advisory Group

Advices on business and tourism initiatives relevant to the Wanneroo region and the North West corridor to support the City's Economic Development Strategy.


Community Safety Working Group

Provide a strategic approach to the safety and wellbeing of the community.


Disability and Inclusion Reference Group

Provide a community perspective on disability access and inclusion initiatives linked to the City's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan and addressing issues of disability access and inclusion within the City.


Environmental Advisory Group

Provide a forum for community consultation in the preparation of the City’s environmental policies and strategies.


Heritage Services Advisory Group

Advice on matters relating to the heritage of the City of Wanneroo.


Multicultural Advisory Group

Provide advice and implement actions, where appropriate, on issues pertaining to the CaLD community.


Quinns Beach Coastal Management Advisory Group

Provide advice on the development and implementation of long-term coastal protection measures for the Quinns Rocks coastline.


RoadWise Advisory Group - Positions available

To provide advice on traffic and road safety issues that affects the residents and transport users within the City.


Yanchep Lagoon Community Working Group - Positions available

The purpose of this group is to build and maintain local awareness on proposals and important project milestones through implementation of the Yanchep Lagoon Master Plan actions.


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The following Groups consist of Council membership.

Alkimos Aquatic and Recreation Centre Project Working Group

To provide guidance and advice so that the Alkimos Aquatic and Recreation Centre Project develops in line with the Council’s strategic position.


Neerabup Industrial Area Working Group

To provide guidance and direction so that the Project develops in line with the Council’s strategic position.


Quinns Rocks Caravan Park Re-Development Working Group

To participate in the Quinns Rocks Caravan Park Redevelopment project and give guidance to Administration on the project.


Service Review Working Group

To consider the matters relating to review of the City’s services and make recommendations to the Council for determination.


Wanneroo Town Centre Advisory Group

To advise Council on matters relating to the management of land and planning matters and construction projects involved in the redevelopment of the Wanneroo town centre.


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The following Committees consist of Council membership.

Audit and Risk Committee

To support the Council in fulfilling its governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to financial reporting, internal control structure, risk management, internal and external audit functions and ethical accountability.


Bushfire Advisory Committee

To advise Council with regard to matters relating to bush fire mitigation/ planning within the City of Wanneroo.


Festival And Cultural Events (FACE) Committee

To recommend to Council on policy matters pertaining to the promotion of the City's culture through festivals and events.


Revenue Review Committee

To provide a forum to advise and make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to the revenue sources of the City and related policy.


Waste Management Advisory Committee

To provide advice to Council and to the City’s representatives on the Mindarie Regional Council on matters relating to waste management within the City.


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If you require assistance with any of these groups, please contact the City Council Support Team on (08) 9405 5000.