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Verge Tree Planting Request

Request a verge/street tree

The City's annual tree planting program consists of planting approximately 3500 new trees in parks, streetscapes and residential verges. All trees planted by the City are manually watered for a two year establishment period to ensure their ongoing health and structure.

Residents can request a free tree to be planted on the verge adjacent to their own property. All forms need to be submitted by the 30 April each year with trees then planted the following winter. The Annual Tree Planting Program is finalised in May each year to allow time to procure suitable stock and schedule planting. Requests for trees under the Residential Street Tree Program received after April 30 each year are then added to the next year's program subject to budget allocation.

Please note: The City will only contact you following the request if further information/discussion is required.

For further information please contact the Tree Technical Officer on 9405 5000 or email enquiries@wanneroo.wa.gov.au


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