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Owning a horse

Information for horse owners within the City of Wanneroo

Under the Animal Local Law 2021 any large animal, such as a horse:

  • shall only be allowed to be kept on land greater than 2000m² in area
  • shall not be kept on commercial or industrial lots
  • shall not be within 9m of any dwelling, food premises, shop, public building, hospital or school.

Horse exercise areas within City of Wanneroo

The Animal Local Law 2021 states:

  1. Subject to section 3.6, the local government may make a determination to set aside a reserve or foreshore or portion of a reserve or foreshore as an area upon which a person may ride or drive a horse or into which a person may bring a horse. 
  2. A person shall not ride, drive or bring a horse onto any reserve or foreshore or any part thereof that has not been set aside for those purposes. 
  3. A person shall not ride, drive, exercise or train a horse on any part of a reserve or foreshore set aside under section 3.5(1) faster than walking pace or in a manner likely to create a danger or become a nuisance to the public or to any person. 
  4. Any person liable for the control of a horse who permits that horse to excrete in any public place or on any land within the district without the consent of the occupier of that land commits an offence unless the excreta is removed forthwith and disposed of either— 
    (a) on private land with the written consent of the occupier; or 
    (b) in such other manner as the local government or an authorised person may approve in writing. 
  5. A person shall not bring a horse onto any reserve or foreshore or any part thereof that is set aside specifically for the exercise of dogs.

The City has made a determination that Lot 124 Timely Hostess Mews, Mariginiup can be utilised for horse exercise activities. No other determinations have been made by the Council regarding horse exercise areas for any other foreshores, public reserves, or beaches intended for such purposes within the City of Wanneroo.

The City has two leased areas, Wanneroo Horse and Pony Club (Estrel Park), Wanneroo Trotting and Training Club (Nanovich Park) which are available for club members to exercise their horses.

As such, City of Wanneroo horse owners who are not members of these clubs need to exercise their horse(s) on Lot 124 Timely Hostess Mews, Mariginiup or on private property.  

Horse trails within Western Australia

You can find information on horse trails including those managed by Parks and Wildlife at the TrailsWA website.

West Australian road rules relating to horses and riders

Under traffic laws, horses ridden or driven (in harness) on roads, nature strips, paths and footpaths are treated the same as vehicles. They have the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles, including motor vehicles, bicycles and power-assisted pedal cycles.

The Western Australian Road Rules Relating to Horses and Riders information sheet provides guidance on the law relating to the riding and leading of horses on public roads and paths in Western Australia. Prepared by the Office of Road Safety on 4 August 2010.