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Poultry & livestock

Chickens and ducks

An owner or occupier of land must not keep more than the following poultry (including restrictions on the type of poultry) without the written approval of the local government:

Lot size Maximum number of poultry
Up to 600m² 2 poultry (no ducks permitted)
601m² to 800m² 4 poultry (no ducks permitted)
801m² to 1,000m² 6 poultry (including a maximum of 2 ducks)
1,001m² to 5,000m² 12 poultry (including ducks)
5,001m² to 10,000m² 25 poultry (including ducks)
Over 10,000m² 50 poultry (including ducks)

Roosters, turkeys, geese & peacocks/peahens

A person shall not keep or suffer to remain, in any residential area, a rooster, turkey, goose or geese, peacock or a peahen.

Conditions for keeping poultry


For information regarding the keeping and impounding of livestock, please contact Ranger Services on 9405 5000.