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Waste disposal guide

In the City of Wanneroo, we focus on getting waste to the right place. Putting things in the right bin helps keep the system running smoothly, allowing the City’s waste to be turned into a useful resource such as mulch or recycled products. Some waste doesn’t belong in any of our kerbside bins – by taking our waste to the nearest drop off centres we prevent the pollution of groundwater and the risk of fires occurring in our fleet of garbage trucks. Learn more about how to correctly dispose of items below. 

Recycle Right

With the City’s membership to Recycle Right, residents are able to access accurate and up-to-date information about waste disposal in the region. Recycle Right has a comprehensive materials A-Z guide which you can browse or search to find out the correct disposal method. There is also a search function to find the closest drop-off facility for items that don’t belong in any of your kerbside bins.

Visit Recycle Right or download the app through the App Store for iOS users, or Google Play Store for Android users. Alternatively, use the search tool below for information on the correct disposal method.

Recycle Right and City of Wanneroo logos

Drop-off facilities

If you have items that are too large to dispose of in your bin or don’t belong in any of your bins, you can dispose of them at a number of facilities.

Browse our Drop-off facilities page or use Recycle Right to find your nearest.

Your yellow-top recycling bin

In late 2018, in response to China’s increased restrictions on the importation of recycled materials, the materials accepted in the yellow-top recycling bin changed. These changes were agreed to by all WA recycling facilities and apply across the state.

For a quick refresher on what is accepted in your yellow-top recycling bin, watch the video below.