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Street addressing

Governance for Assigning Property Address Numbers

Under the Local Government Act 1995, and the Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law 2015, the City has governance for assigning urban and rural addresses of properties. 

Process for Assigning Address Numbers

Addresses are assigned using a lodged survey plan supplied to the City by Landgate. The addresses assigned by the City are shared with Landgate. This ensures Certificate of Title issued by Landgate contain the addresses assigned by the City. 

Selling or Leasing “Off the Plan”

Owners wanting to sell or lease new developed properties “off the plan” need to have their surveyor lodge their survey plans early with the Western Australia Planning Commission (WAPC). This will greater enable they obtain assigned addresses on Certificate Title issued by Landgate. 
Failure of owners to lodge survey plans early may result in their developed properties being assigned addresses that do not meet their expectations. 

Change of Street Address

The City does not agree to requests for a change in street address based on any of the following:

  • To facilitate the property’s readdressing to an adjacent suburb;
  • The number is considered unlucky;
  • Religious reasons;
  • To improve the feng shui of the property;
  • Personal preferences;
  • The number is not good for business;
  • The property is difficult to sell; and
  • The number /address is perceived to devalue the property.

Advice to Developers and Owners

If an owner’s request for a change of address is approved, the City will notify any affected owners and the relevant government agencies. These government agencies are as follows:

  • Australian Electoral Commission;
  • Western Australian Electoral Commission;
  • Synergy;
  • Telstra;
  • Water Corporation;
  • Australia Post; and
  • Landgate (Western Australian Land Information Authority).

All other costs associated with a change of address remain the responsibility of the owner. This includes the replacement and/or relocation of letterboxes, cost of new numbers, alterations to numbers on buildings, replacing/removing painted kerb side numbers, notifications to other government agencies, business contacts, personal contacts, and alterations to business and personal stationery