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Design Review Panel (DRP)

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The City of Wanneroo Design Review Panel (DRP) is responsible for providing the City with a range of expert advice on urban design, architecture, landscape design and sustainability aspects of proposals.

The DRP performs an advisory function only. Although the DRP does not have decision-making powers, its advice will be taken into consideration in the planning assessment and conveyed to the decision-makers once a formal application for Development Approval is lodged.

The DRP reviews proposals and provides advice against the relevant planning framework and the 11 principles of good design outlined in Local Planning Policy 4.23 Design Review Panel.

Design review offers applicants the chance to seek technical feedback and resolve complex issues to achieve the best possible design outcome, before lodgement of an application for development approval.

Design Review Panel members

The DRP will draw from a pool of eight external professionals, including a Chairperson and seven fellow DRP members. DRP members are appointed by the Director Planning and Sustainability, in accordance with the Design Review Panel Terms of Reference.

The current DRP members are:

  • Dominic Snellgrove (Chair) - Architect
  • Philip Griffiths - Architect
  • David O’Brien - Architect
  • Simon Venturi - Architect
  • Nerida Moredoundt - Architect
  • Brett Wood-Gush - Urban Designer
  • Tony Blackwell - Landscape Architect and Urban Designer
  • Munira Mackay - Urban Designer

Which developments are referred to the Design Review Panel?

  • Developments of more than two multiple dwellings;
  • Developments of more than 10 grouped dwellings;
  • Development that is three or more storeys in height;
  • Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) proposals;
  • Major extensions or amendments to the above proposals; and
  • Development which requires a landmark features.

For further information on the types of development which are referred to the DRP, please see Local Planning Policy 4.23 Design Review Panel.

The Design Review process

  1. If you are unsure whether your development proposal needs review by the DRP, please feel free to call the Planning Services team on 9405 5000.
  2. Read the Guide to Presenting to the Design Review Panel for an overview of the process and application requirements;
  3. Complete the Design Review Panel Lodgement Checklist, ensuring that all items listed are ready to be attached to your application;
  4. Lodge a Design Review Panel Application;
  5. Development reviewed by DRP and feedback provided to applicant;
  6. Apply for development approval.

Meeting Schedule

Please submit your DRP applications to Approval Services 10 working days prior to the date of the DRP meeting.

Design Review Panel Online Form

These meetings are closed to the public and are held at the City of Wanneroo Civic Centre each month, as detailed below:


     Applications received by noon

     Date of Meeting  

     11 January 2024

     25 January 2024

     8 February 2024

     22 February 2024

     7 March 2024

     21 March 2024

     11 April 2024

     24 April 2024 (due to PH 25/4)

     9 May 2024

     23 May 2024

     6 June 2024

     20 June 2024

     11 July 2024

     25 July 2024

     8 August 2024

     22 August 2024

     5 September 2024

     19 September 2024

     10 October 2024

     24 October 2024

     7 November 2024

     21 November 2024

     5 December 2024

     19 December 2024




Please note meeting dates are indicative only and are subject to changes.

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