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Strata Scheme (Built Strata) Subdivision

Under the Strata Titles Act 1985 there are two forms of strata subdivision schemes:

  • Survey-Strata Schemes; and,
  • Strata Schemes

The way in which the boundaries are defined on the scheme plan determines which of the two schemes are applicable:

A survey-strata scheme is defined by surveyed land boundaries. Buildings are not shown on a survey-strata plan, even though there may in fact be buildings on the survey-strata lots. A survey-strata may, or may not, have common property (i.e. a common driveway), and like other forms of strata may also have by-laws and a strata company.

If your plan falls in this category, subdivision of the lots is applied for by submitting a subdivision application to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). Further information on the subdivision process can be found here.

A strata scheme or 'built strata' refers to the subdivision of a building (by cubic space) and on occasion the land around it into lots. This is the type of subdivision referred to for the remainder of this web page.

The approval process

Under delegation from the WAPC, the City is responsible for determining 'built strata' proposals that involve the following:

  • The creation of 6 or more residential strata lots;
  • The creation of any number of residential lots on a parcel of land that exceeds 2,500sqm; and,
  • The creation of strata lots within a commercial, industrial or mixed use zoning.

An application for approval of a built strata subdivision is made to the City using a two-stage application process referred to as 'Form 15A' & 'Form 15C'.

A Form 15A (formerly a Form 24) is an application for the City's preliminary approval/endorsement of the Strata Plan. The City will review the application and issue a decision, which may or may not include conditions of approval.  A Form 15A can be submitted immediately after development and building approvals have been granted and prior to construction commencing. It should be submitted at the earliest possible opportunity (i.e when the building permit has been granted) to allow the proponent sufficient time to address any conditions imposed on the 15A and prior to submitting the 15C.

A Form 15C (formerly Forms 1C and 26) is an application to the City for its approval/endorsement of the strata plan and must be submitted within 2 years of the Form 15A being determined. The Form 15C is effectively the final approval from the City and enables the strata plan to be submitted to Landgate for titles to be created. A Form 15C should not be submitted to the City unless all works associated with the development, building and Form 15A approvals have been undertaken, including compliance with respective conditions. 

A fact sheet has been prepared by the WAPC to explain the complete Form 15 process in further detail, which can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Form 15 approval is not required where 1-5 residential lots are proposed, the parcel is not greater than 2,500sqm and each lot will contain a dwelling. In these instances, a Building Approval Certificate for the built strata is required.

How to apply for Built Strata approval

Form 15A and Form 15C applications can be lodged with the City using the below online form. Applicants are welcome to apply for Form 15A and 15C approval at the same time if they wish.

Apply Online: Application for Strata (Form 15)

If Form 15 approval is not required (as per the above criteria), please refer to the below link to apply for a Building Approval Certificate:

Apply Online: Built Strata - Application for a Building Approval Certificate

What are the fees?

To calculate fees for a Form 15A application, please refer to the City's online Strata Fee Calculator. Fees do not apply for Form 15C applications.

Fees also apply for Building Approval Certificate applications, please refer to the City's Building Fee Schedule for further information.

How long will it take to assess my application?

Form 15 applications have a legislated timeframe of 40 days. 

Building Approval Certificate applications have a legislated timeframe of 10 business days.