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Outdoor Group Fitness and Personal Training approval

Our community has shown a growing interest in healthy and active lifestyles, with personal training and group Fitness becoming increasingly popular over the last few years.

If you’re a personal trainer, dog trainer or sports coach looking to operate in public places within the City, read on to see if you require a licence and approval to get started.

Do I need a licence?

Yes, licences are required if you are training or coaching for profit on Council property. This applies to:

  • Personal trainers
  • Group fitness classes
  • Dog trainers
  • Sports coaches.


How do I apply for a licence?

Simply complete the relevant online form below to apply.

Alternatively, you can lodge your application in person at the City of Wanneroo Civic Centre, 25 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo.


What do I need to apply for a licence?

It is essential that applicants have:

  • Current public liability insurance, to the value of $20 million
  • Appropriate professional indemnity insurance
  • A registration with an industry peak body
  • First aid certification.


What are the fees and charges?

Fees are charged on all bookings within the City and are outlined in our Schedule of Fees and Charges. Fees can be applied annually or hourly, depending on your level of use.


How will I know if my application has been approved?

You will be advised within 7 business days on the outcome of your application.

Please note, applications are subject to the following:

  • Availability of the open public space requested
  • Suitability of the area requested
  • Previous bookings held by the trainer at that venue
  • Compliance to the City’s Personal Trainer Guidelines
  • No outstanding debts to the City

Trainers should also note that:

  • Applicants are approved on a calendar year basis
  • Applications are approved on a non-exclusive basis
  • The City may relocate trainers if deemed necessary.


Where can I operate my personal training business?

Approved areas

Due to the large amount of potential locations to operate within the City, each application will be considered on a case by case basis. We will consider the following to determine the suitability of any site:

  • If there has been any previous complaints by residents regarding the site use

Proximity to residents

  • If there are any conflicting bookings (we generally won’t book two trainers at the same site, at the same time)
  • Size and nature of the group
  • Impact on the grounds and surrounds
  • Suitability of the open public space for training activities.

Excluded areas

If you are conducting personal or group fitness training, you must not:

  • Be within 20 metres of play equipment or sports structures, such as basketball courts and cricket nets
  • Be in socially or culturally sensitive areas, such as memorials, shrines or public art works
  • Be in environmentally sensitive areas such a bush land, sand dunes and foreshore areas 
  • Operate in areas excluded by the City 
  • Monopolise stairs, paths or park furniture 
  • Monopolise fitness equipment provided in public open spaces by the City.


What sort of training activities can I carry out?

Permissible activities include
  • Aerobic and strength based activities, including use of free weights, skipping ropes, medicine balls etc.
  • Non-contact pad training (i.e. boxing) 
  • Bootcamps
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Pilates.
The following activities are prohibited
  • Aggressive or intimidating activities 
  • Suspending or anchoring equipment from trees or structures within public open spaces
  • Dragging of tyres 
  • Use of projectiles, unless approved by the City
  • Display signage contrary to the City’s signage regulations.
For more information, please review the City’s Personal Trainer Guidelines to learn more on noise regulations, risk management and trainer conditions. 


What hours can I train between?

In order to minimise disturbance for nearby residents, training is limited to:

  • 6am to 9pm on weekdays
  • 7am to 9pm on weekends and public holidays.