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Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail

The Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail begins in Neil Hawkins Park on the shores of Lake Joondalup, and runs through Yellagonga Regional Park, Neerabup National Park and onto Yanchep National Park.

The name Yaberoo Budjara is translated as the land (Budjara) of the people of north of Perth (Yaberoo).

The 28km walking trail highlights features of natural, Aboriginal and historical significance and is based on local Whadjuk Noongar elder Yellagonga's tribes' movement track. Their track linked together the linear lakes of the coastal plain, and the same track was later used by Europeans as a stock route. 

The trail can be completed in its entirety or as five separate, shorter trails.  

Maps of the Trail are available at the Wanneroo Regional Museum, or you can download the map by clicking below.

Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail map