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Rates Payment Arrangement

Request for Rates Payment Arrangement

If you are unable to pay your rates in full or by instalments you can apply to the City for a payment arrangement. The outstanding balance can be paid by making regular payments weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly.

In order for the City to accept this arrangement, the regular payments must cover the amount of the rates and service charges levied for the year, including rates arrears by the end of the current financial year (30 June). Other conditions may apply.

Payment arrangements incur a $30 admin fee, plus late payment interest at 5% per annum on the General Rates, and late payment interest of 11% per annum on the Emergency Services Levy, which will accrue over the arrangement period until paid in full.

Missed or late payments will result in this payment arrangement being cancelled, and further debt recovery action may be taken.

Please use our Rates Calculator to determine the amount you will be required to pay. The calculator incorporates your current outstanding amount and interest (as detailed below).

Whilst our team are processing your payment arrangement request, please start making payments towards your rates account by using your Assessment number the City’s biller code through BPay.

A confirmation letter will be emailed within 14 business days if your arrangement is accepted by the City. If your arrangement is not accepted, the City will contact you to advise you of your options.

For further information please contact the City on 9405 5000.

By proceeding you are agreeing that you have used the Rates Calculator.

Request for Rates Payment Arrangement