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City of Wanneroo statistics

The City of Wanneroo offers a set of interactive demographic tools for community groups, investors, businesses, students and the general public. These online tools provide essential information for decision-making presented in a simple format, with clear tables and charts and concise factual commentary.

The City of Wanneroo Community Profile enables you to analyse the population characteristics of your community, understand how they have changes over time and how they compare to other areas.

The City of Wanneroo Economic Profile draws on a variety of economic data sources to profile the characteristics of the local economy, how it compares to other areas and how it is changing.

The City of Wanneroo Population Forecasts outline the drivers of population change and forecasts how population, age structure and household types will change across our local government area up to 2031.

The City of Wanneroo Social Atlas presents socio-demographic characteristics for the area in a series of interactive maps. Each map is prepared using the finest level of detail to identify spatial patterns and trends in the area.