; East Wanneroo District Developer Contribution Plan - City of Wanneroo

East Wanneroo District Developer Contribution Plan

A district-level developer contribution plan (district DCP) is being prepared to fund the acquisition and construction of integrator arterial roads, district level community facilities, groundwater management systems and wetland/foreshore management plans. 

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is preparing the district DCP. Following this, the City will need to initiate an amendment to its District Planning Scheme No. 2 so these requirements form part of the Scheme (Note: once the amendment has been advertised it is considered ‘substantially commenced’ which may see MRS amendments to lift urban deferment or rezone land to urban/industrial).

The scheme amendment will be advertised for public comment, after which Council will make a recommendation to the WA Planning Commission who will consider the amendment before final consideration by the Minister. 

Stage 1 - Prepare
Currently being prepared by the Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage.
Stage 2 - Advertise
Mid 2023 - City of Wanneroo to initiate an Amendment to District Planning Scheme No.2.
Stage 3 - Final Approval
Late 2023 - WAPC and Ministerial consideration.