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East Wanneroo Place-Led Approach

The East Wanneroo District Structure Plan sets a high level planning framework for the urbanisation of the entire DSP area. 

More detailed planning will occur at the local structure planning stage.  However, the City is currently developing materials to support a place-led approach to the urbanisation of East Wanneroo. This will ensure that the history and heritage of East Wanneroo will be properly considered as the area urbanises in future. 

This place led approach includes:

  • Preparation of a district Sense of Place Statement  by the City. This district statement will look at the entire district structure plan area and collate important heritage, cultural, environmental and historical information into one document.
  • Preparation of precinct Sense of Place Statements  by development proponents. This precinct statement  will draw from the district statement, looking at the individual precinct in more detail. It will outline how these important elements have influenced the design of the local structure plan.
  • Preparation of a local planning policy (or amending the existing local planning policy 5.3: East Wanneroo) to guide the development of individual precincts to ensure cohesion throughout the district structure plan area. This local planning policy is likely to address matters including road design, landscaping elements, street trees, design of public open space, public art – elements that help to tie a community together. 

There will be opportunities for community involvement in the development of the local planning policy and the district Sense of Place Statement. Information about the opportunities to provide input will be made on the City's Your Say page when the become available.

Further information about the community involvement will be available on the City's website shortly.