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East Wanneroo Local Structure Plans

Local structure plans will be prepared by development proponents on a precinct by precinct basis. A single local structure plan is required for each precinct as outlined by the East Wanneroo District Structure Plan. 

Local structure plans cannot be formally accepted for assessment until the district DCP and an amendment to rezone the land under District Planning Scheme No. 2 have been substantially commenced. 

However, the City will engage in precinct-level pre-lodgement consultation with developers early in the development of a local structure plan to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Our pre-lodgement consultation process will involve staff from all relevant areas of the City to ensure consistent and clear guidance is provided. 

You can obtain more information on local structure plans in progress or approved by referring to the relevant precinct in the map below (map is currently being prepared). The precinct will be shaded amber if a local structure plan is in progress or green if a local structure plan has been approved. 

We expect to be able to formally accept local structure plans for assessment during 2023. However the district Developer Contribution Plans and relevant Metropolitan Region Scheme/District Planning Scheme 2 amendments must have substantially commenced before this can occur. 

For any enquiries in relation to pre-lodgement consultation for local structure planning, please contact Pas Bracone on 9405 5512.