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Local Cat Laws

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The City of Wanneroo’s Cat local law, which is due for review in 2024, addresses cat registrations, sterilization, microchipping and the number of cats permitted to be kept.

Owners are currently urged to keep their cats at home to prevent them from causing a nuisance to other residents or hunting fauna in nearby bush or reserve areas.   However, there are no legal restrictions or penalties.

To effectively review the local law, the City needs to consider any potential issues and get feedback from residents on options to adequately control cats.

Feedback invited

Tell us what you think about cat ownership and restrictions to adequately control cats through our community survey.

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All results will be confidential.  However, if you wish to share your views online, you are invited to comment through the Shared Community Comments section below.

If you have any queries, please contact the City’s Community Safety and Emergency Team.


As a result of community interest, a Motion on Notice was drafted and presented to Council in February 2022 to consider the need for a review and update of the Cat Local Law provisions to address cat control issues, such as a cat curfew.

The notice advised there was a limited number of complaints regarding the adequacy of the local law, which may indicate specifically what provisions may be required or supported by residents in terms of cat control provisions.

The local laws do not prevent cats from leaving their home, causing a nuisance to other residents, hunting in bush or reserve areas or entering your home.  To effectively review the local law and consider what issues may need to be addressed with cats, the City needs to engage with the community to enable an amended local law to be drafted.

The City will then review the community feedback and report its findings to Council, before drafting a revised local cat law.  This draft will be advertised and subjected to further community comment and feedback before it becomes enforceable.

Check this page regularly for ways to have a say and get updates on the local cat laws.

Key Dates

Public comment period opens, including community survey

    Monday, 12 September 2022

    Date: 13/09/2022

Public comment period (Now closed)

    Closed Sunday, 9 October 2022

    Date: 10/10/2022

Information Analysis

    October to December 2022

    Date: 31/12/2022

Council Review and Approval

    February to March 2023

    Date: 31/03/2023

Community consultation on draft law

    August 2023

    Date: 31/08/2023

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