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Bulk verge collection

There are two bulk collections in the in the City of Wanneroo per year:

  • General waste (furniture, white goods, timber, etc.)
  • Green waste (trees and shrubs only)

Households are encouraged to restrict their bulk waste to a 3 cubic metre pile of rubbish.

General bulk waste

General bulk waste verge collection schedule

We collect

Bags and boxes of garden waste, stoves, refrigerators (doors removed and degassed) and other white goods.

We do not collect

Tree pruning's, bricks, bottles, rubble, sand, cement, fencing, wire strapping, inflammable liquids, oil, paint, chemicals, pesticides, foodstuffs, tyres, asbestos & asbestos cement (fibro) sheeting, old gas bottles (please take to Kleenheat), glass items, lead acid car batteries, car parts, agricultural waste or any item exceeding 1.5m in length. 

Green waste

Green waste verge collection schedule

We collect

Tree pruning's and shrubs only. Please stack branches with cut ends facing the road. 

We do not collect 

Bags or boxes of green waste or any other waste.