Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban, City of Wanneroo - 6 December 2019

A ban on the use or operation of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery from 10am Friday, 6 December 2019 until 6pm, Friday 6 December 2019 for the whole of the City of Wanneroo. More information


What approvals do I need? - Garages

Description A garage is a roofed structure, other than a carport, designed to accommodate one or more motor vehicles.
Do I need approval?


A planning approval is required for a garage.      

Please note: A planning approval should be obtained prior to submitting for a building permit.


A building permit is required for a garage.

What do I need to submit?


  • Completed Development Application Form and checklist
  • Relevant fees (refer to the Planning and Sustainability Fee Schedule, item number1)
  • 1 x copy of site plan - drawn to scale at not less than 1:200 (showing setbacks to the front, side and rear boundaries)
  • 1 x copy of floor plan - drawn to scale of 1:100 or 1:200
  • 1 x copy of elevations - drawn to scale of 1:100 or 1:200, showing the height to eaves and height to roof pitch (engineering drawings DO NOT constitute an elevation)



  • A completed Application for Building Permit - BA2 form
  • Relevant fees
  • 1x copy of a site plan. The site plan at a minimum scale of 1:200, showing contour survey or spot levels, proposed finished floor level, the distance the proposed garage/carport will be setback from the lot boundaries and any other buildings on the lot, (including retaining walls) septic systems & north point
  • 1x copy of the floor plan, elevations and sections at a minimum scale of 1:100, showing all dimensions
  • 1x copy of the construction details showing materials to be used, their respective sizes, spacing and spans, footing and flooring details
  • 1x Engineers details (if required) - It is also at the discretion of the Building Surveyor assessing the plans as to whether engineering details will be required for garage proposals
  • Notice and request for consent for encroachment or adversely affect (if required) - BA20 form


  • A completed Application for Building Permit - BA2 form
  • Completed Certificate of Design Compliance
  • Relevant fees
  • 1 x copy of all technical documents noted on the Certificate of Design Compliance
  • Prior Development Approval (if required
  • BA20 – Notice and request for consent for encroachment or adversely affect (if required
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