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Online building applications

Enjoy hassle-free building applications with our upgraded portal where you can now lodge, track and update your building application online. To use the portal, make sure you’ve registered for a new account from 1 July 2023 as previously registered accounts will no longer have access. For more information on this change or help with your account, visit our accounts help page.

Select the application you would like below and then sign in or register for a new account. 

Building Application

Amended Building Permit Application (Amendment to an approved Building Permit)

Copies of Plans request

Unauthorised Works - Application for Building Approval Certificate

Demolition Permit Application

Verge Licence Application

Sign Licence Application

BA7 - Notice of Completion

BA8 - Notice of Cessation

Application for Occupancy Permit

Application to extend time – building or demolition permit

Application for Strata (Form 15)

Application for Building Approval Certificate
Authorised Buildings including Built Strata (1 – 5 Residential Dwellings