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Summer Reading Club - Curious Creatures

Children being read to.

Explore and read about the wonderful world of critters and creatures, large and small, real and imagined. Create your own fabulous beasties and earn rewards!

Discover new animal characters and fantastic species of the natural world.  Learn new facts and marvel at all the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Become a club member at any of the City of Wanneroo Libraries.  Register and receive a fabulous giveaway pack, complete with activity sheets, puzzles and super reading suggestions.

Summer Wonderland 2018

Child doing crafts

Visit Summer Wonderland, an interactive children’s activity zone upstairs in the conference room at Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre.

Opening hours: 
Weekdays only // 10:00am to 4:00pm

It’s time to celebrate Christmas by the beach, under the sea and the Australian sun. There will be oceans of fun making fish kites, searching for sea shells, making turtles and crabs, decorating reindeer food pouches, creating seaside wreaths and peg reindeers. All of these wonderful craft activities are self-led and made for parents and children to make together. 

For further information, contact:

The Art of Eli Zagoria exhibition

artwork by Eli Zagoria

The City of Wanneroo and local collector David Solly Sandler are proud to present an exhibition of artworks by the late Eli Zagoria.

In Arcadia I once asked Eli in which language did he think, to which he cleverly replied “I think in pictures” – Michael Perry Kotzen quoted in - David Solly Sandler. ‘100 Years of ARC Memories: Arcadia-South African Jewish Orphanage, 1906-2006.’ 

The City of Wanneroo and local collector David Solly Sandler are proud to present an exhibition of artworks by the late Eli Zagoria, a prolific local artist who emigrated from South Africa in 1992 and made his living painting and sketching the people and places of Perth.

Eli sketched over 15 000 portraits in his lifetime and mastered the art of oil painting on various surfaces. His artworks capture iconic scenes of Perth in the 1990s and are also influenced by his own fascinating life. Latvian born, Eli grew up in a Jewish orphanage in South Africa and fought at Tobruk in WWII before being taken as a Prisoner of War in Italy and Germany which through amazing circumstances changed the arc of his life towards painting and illustration. 

Visit the Gallery at Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre from Saturday 17 November to Saturday 15 December to see an extensive collection of original works by this fascinating artist.

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday // 10:00am to 4:00pm. 
Closed Sundays and public holidays

Join collector David Solly Sandler every Wednesday morning at 10:30am during the exhibition to hear about Eli Zagoria’s artwork.

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