East Wanneroo Proposed Urbanisation

Parts of the current rural area in East Wanneroo (in the localities of Wanneroo, Gnangara, Jandabup and Mariginiup) have been identified as ‘potential urban’ by the State government planning agencies.

Update 26 April 2016

Proposed Amendment 1308/41 to Metropolitan Region Scheme

On 5 April 2016, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) commenced advertising of proposed Amendment No. 1308/41 to the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) for public comment.  This follows approval by the Minister for Planning for this advertising to proceed.

MRS Amendment 1308/41 proposes to rezone a large area of land in East Wanneroo from ‘Rural’ to ‘Urban Deferred’. This affects most of the land which is shown as 'potential urban' on the WAPC's East Wanneroo Structure Plan.

Further information regarding proposed MRS Amendment 1308/41, including which properties are affected by the proposed rezoning, is available on the WAPC website. This also includes information about how to make a submission to the WAPC on the proposal.

The public comment period concludes on 8 July 2016.

This is NOT a City of Wanneroo proposal, and while the proposed amendment documents are available at the City's administration centre, enquiries about it should be made to the Department of Planning on 6551 9000 or by email:

It should be noted that the  East Wanneroo area is also subject to significant State Government proposals contained in its draft 'Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million'.  This draft plan is also currently subject to a public comment period which concludes on 13 May 2016.

Information regarding the draft Green Growth Plan, and on how to make a submission on it, is available by clicking below:

Green Growth Plan Information


Update 9 March 2015

At its meeting in September 2014, Council resolved to work with the WAPC and the Department of Planning (DoP) to arrive at a shared approach to the further planning of the East Wanneroo area.  City Administration has subsequently been working with DoP officers on this matter.

Once the is work is completed, it is then anticipated that this matter and potential changes to Local Planning Policy (LPP) 5.3: East Wanneroo will be considered by Council.

Should Council agree that changes should be made to LPP 5.3, these proposed changes will be advertised for public comment.  The City will write to all affected landowners at that time to ensure the local community is fully consulted on the matter.”

Further information

East Wanneroo Structure Plan

The East Wanneroo Structure Plan (EWSP) was released by the State planning agencies in January 2011.  This plan identifies parts of East Wanneroo as ‘potential urban’.

Click below to view the EWSP.

East Wanneroo Structure Plan

Local Planning Policy 5.3: East Wanneroo

Council adopted Local Planning Policy (LPP) 5.3: East Wanneroo in May 2014. This policy sets out the City's position as to how it proposes that further planning and development of this area be progressed.

Click below to view the policy.

Local Planning Policy 5.3 East Wanneroo