Preparing & lodging a Structure Plan Amendment

A Structure Plan Amendment may be required to request additional or more intensive use of land, or to create opportunities for subdivision.

Preparing an Amendment to an Approved Structure Plan

The City of Wanneroo recommends that you engage a Planning Consultant to prepare your submission which should include details of the subject site, the amendment and purpose for which it is sought and justification for the application.

Lodging a Structure Plan Amendment 

Two copies of the Amendment proposal, using the City's Structure Plan Amendment template must be submitted to the City together with an electronic copy.  

Geospatial data for structure plan amendments is to be submitted generally in accordance with Section 3 of the Western Australian Planning Commission's Structure Plan Framework .


The City will provide a fee estimate to the applicant and accept lodgement of the Structure Plan Amendment upon receiving the required minimum information and payment of the required fee.  The fee is calculated in accordance with the Planning and Development Regulations 2009 (Part 7 - Local Government Planning Charges) as amended from time to time.