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Blitz on beach drivers

Published Thursday, 15th December 2016

The City of Wanneroo, with the assistance of WA Police, is taking firm action against anyone found driving or parked on the City's beaches.

WA Police with City of Wanneroo Ranger

In association with land developers, along the northern costal corridor, the crackdown extends to private land leading to beaches and foreshore areas.

The City is adopting a zero tolerance approach to any driver caught on the beach with a vehicle, Chief Executive Officer Dan Simms said. 

“The primary concern is for the safety and protection of other beach users, including our own residents and visitors.

“In recent weeks we have had two near miss incidents that could have resulted in deaths.  In one a mother had to pull two small children from the path of on oncoming vehicle when it was clear the driver had not seen them.

“In the second incident a resident, who was sunbathing in a shallow swale, escaped by less than a metre from being run over by a hoon driver.

“Large numbers of families access our beaches for picnics, walks and swimming; trucks, cars and bikes are incompatible with those recreational activities,” he said.

The tougher measures are also aimed at the environmental protection of the foreshore and dune systems.

Mr Simms said the City has deployed high definition cameras with long range lenses and is looking at the latest aerial technology to identify vehicles in prohibited areas.

“Penalties have increased, now it can cost up to $800, for anyone caught driving or parked on beaches.

“Drivers can face prosecution in court and can have their vehicles impounded,” he said.

Coastal patrols are to be introduced to step up visibility of officers on the beach.

Mr Simms said bans on vehicle access to beaches have been in place for more than a decade. 

“This is consistent with all Councils in greater metropolitan Perth, where vehicles are not allowed on beaches from Mandurah to Two Rocks,” he said. 

Vehicular access to beaches is still allowed by many regional Councils, but often not near built up locations.

The City will be contacting the Four Wheel Drive Western Australia Association advising them of the City’s crackdown and asking them to alert their members. 

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