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Intersection upgrade made easy

Published Thursday, 23rd February 2017

The upgraded Hester Avenue/Connolly Drive intersection is one of the first in the state to have three lanes leading up to and through the roundabout on one approach.

Hester Avenue and Connolly Drive Roundabout

The additional lane was added on the eastern approach to the roundabout, which will help distribute traffic once the freeway extension to Hester Avenue has been completed.

Informative signage has been installed at the site and now the City’s website also has a short video to show road users how to correctly navigate the upgraded intersection.
The roundabout now allows two lanes of traffic to turn right from Hester Avenue, heading west to Connolly Drive (north):

  • The left lane allows motorists to turn left (south on Connolly Drive) or continue straight (heading west on Hester Avenue).
  • The middle lane allows motorists to continue straight (heading west on Hester Avenue) or turn right (north onto Connolly Drive.
  • The right lane allows motorists to turn right (north onto Connolly Drive).

This should ease the burden on traffic to the northern suburbs during the busy afternoon period when residents are returning home from the central business district.

View the video below to view the roundabout and approaching lanes.

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