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Did you know...? When you enrol in one of our Swim School programs, you’ll receive free, unlimited pool access outside of lesson times!

Swim School information

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The award winning Wanneroo Aquamotion Swim School has a program for just about everyone! If you need help choosing which is the best program download our Program Selector guide below:

Swim School Program Selector guide

  • Splash and Swim - babies 3 months to 6 months. $17.50 per lesson.
    We are excited to present our new Splash and Swim classes for babies aged 3-6 months.
    Did you know that early childhood swimming can:
    • help with cognitive functioning
    • improve confidence
    • help build muscle
    • improve sleeping patterns
    • most importantly, give you more quality time with your baby!
  • Aquababies - 6 months to 2 and a half years. $17.50 per week.
    There are four age based Aquababies levels. These classes require a parent in the water at all times. You will be teaching your baby to enjoy the water and to develop instinctive survival skills through a range of songs and games and the use of aquatic toys. Children are required to wear a swim nappy at all times and this is not negotiable. Parents are encouraged to wear a T-Shirt as we teach babies to hold on to their parent for safety.
  • Tadpoles/Toddlers - 2 and a half to 3 years. $17.50 per week.
    These classes are structured to gradually boost your child’s confidence in their swimming so that they no longer need you in the water with them. In Tadpoles 1, a parent/guardian is required in the water with each child while we nurture their independence. In Tadpoles 2 parent/guardian participation is required until your instructor feels that your child is happy to swim independently.
  • Frogs - 3 to 5 years. $17.50 per week.
    Frogs is a preschool program for children aged between the ages of 3 and 5. There are four levels of Frogs designed to teach water familiarisation and survival skills, through to freestyle breathing and blowing, breaststroke kick and backstroke, transitioning into the school age levels.
    Frogs skill levels
  • School Age - 5+ years. $17.50 per week.
    Our school age program covers levels 1-15 of the Royal Life Swim and Survive program and is for students 5 years and over. As they progress through the levels they will learn not only swimming strokes, but also survival skills, rescues and resuscitation skills. The program includes safety weeks requiring students to wear additional clothing as outlined by their instructor to simulate survival scenarios. These levels mostly correspond to Education Department School Swimming.
  • Junior Lifeguard Club - 8+ years. $23.50 per week.
    The Junior Lifeguard Club provides opportunities for children to keep interested and active in aquatics, especially quick learners and those caught between levels and programs. It's a fantastic opportunity to further develop swimming skills at the same time as developing new and challenging lifesaving skills. The best description of the Junior Lifeguard Club is serious fun! But there's a serious purpose behind the program: kids learn skills that could one day save a life.
  • Dolphin Program. From $17.50 to $30 per week (dependant on class ratio).
    The Dolphin Swim Program has been created for people with a wide range of special needs and all teachers in this program have been trained accordingly and have a passion for helping people with special needs. Students are booked into a class that suits their needs and overseen by the coordinator continuously to overcome any issues they may be having. As our Dolphin program is unique, lesson space is limited and highly sought after. Our program does promote water awareness, but the main focuses are on teaching the students to swim independently and self-esteem.
  • Adult Lessons beginner - 16+ years. $17.50 per week.
    Covers stages 1-3 of the school age program (water familiarisation, basic freestyle breathing andblowing, backstroke kick, breaststroke kick)
  • Adult Lessons intermediate - 16+ years. $17.50 per week.
    Covers stages 4-6 of the school age program (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, survival backstroke)
  • Adult Lessons stroke development - 16+ years. $17.50 per week.
    Covers stages 7 and up  of the school age program (distance swimming, drills, sidestroke)


New enrolments for the Aquamotion Swim School can be made at any time. Click below and select Aquamotion, and then Aquamotion Swim School:

Swim School enrolment

Instructor Qualifications

All of our instructors hold as minimum requirements:

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
  • Resuscitation or CPR
  • Working With Children Checks

Instructors within our heated program pool are also required to hold a Senior First Aid. Many hold their Bronze Medallion and their Teacher of Infants and Preschoolers qualifications if teaching in specialised areas. We also have lifeguards on pool deck at all times to ensure the safety of you and your family.


Wanneroo Aquamotion has several heated pools for our classes:

  • A 32-34 degree heated program pool for Aquababy and most of our preschool classes
  • The main indoor leisure pool for some preschool and mainstream classes, as well as use of the indoor 25m lap pool
  • An outdoor pool for higher level classes and assessments.

The pools are heated to 28 degrees Celsius (except the heated program pool) and all run on a UV filtration system so the water is as comfortable on skin as possible.

There is a café and children’s outdoor splash pad available for use so you can keep the whole family entertained. Your class enrolment entitles the swimmer to use of the pool before and after their lesson and also spectator entry. Children under the age of 5 need to be supervised at all times which means that their designated spectator is also allowed use of the pool.

Aquamotion also provides a crèche that can be used whilst you and/or your child are using the facilities. Please be aware that the crèche is open until 12 noon Monday to Friday so please take this into account when booking a time slot. If you wish to utilise this facility, bookings must be made.

Additional documents

Swim School cancellation form

Swim School suspension form