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Online forms: Permit to set fire to the bush

We are not currently accepting permit applications. Please visit the burning permit information on our website

If your permit is granted

It is not valid during a declared prohibited burning time and is issued subject to the provisions of Section 46 of the Bush Fires Act and may be revoked or suspended by a Bush Fire Control Officer, if, in his/her opinion, the fire if lit, would become a source of danger.

A Bush Fire Control Officer is not compelled to inspect an area to be burnt before issuing a permit to burn. The onus lies on the person burning not only to comply with the provisions of the Bush Fires Act, but also to ensure there is no danger of the fire escaping. The issue of this permit in no way affects that responsibility.

If approved, your permit approval to burn does not allow you to breach the requirements of the Health Act 1911, Environmental Protection Act 1986, Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Levy Act 2008 or any other relevant legislation. It is an offence to cause a smoke nuisance to persons and to cause pollution with excessive smoke. It is also an offence to burn tyres, plastic, chemicals and other similar materials, which could produce thick smoke and toxic gases.

Conditions to be observed within the CITY OF WANNEROO - NO BURNING on days where the fire danger forecast is VERY HIGH, SEVERE, EXTREME OR CATASTROPHIC or when a TOTAL FIRE BAN has been declared. 

For more information visit http://www.emergency.wa.gov.au

Planning the burn

Undertaking a planned burn is a significant responsibility and involves a lot of preparation. In the wrong conditions, planned burns can escape and become a bushfire.  Prior to applying for a Permit to set fire to the bush visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Planned Burning website and familiarise yourself with the information and resources on conducting a planned burn.

Applicable Provisions

Before applying for this permit please read the summary of applicable provisions of Section 18 of the Bush Fires Act 1954 and Regulations 15B

Once read and understood, please select Begin this form.