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Fire and emergency management

Emergency information

Planning ahead can prevent and minimise loss to human life, wildlife, the environment and property. The City of Wanneroo has plans in place to safeguard our community and your welfare.

During an emergency, visit emergency.wa.gov.au or listen to ABC Radio Perth.


Bushfire information and prevention, fire bans, fire volunteers and burning permits.

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Preparing for a storm, help during/after a storm and storm warning information.

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A heatwave occurs when the maximum and the minimum temperatures are unusually hot over a three-day period at a location.

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Earthquakes may happen at any time, without warning and cannot be stopped or kept under control.

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Preparing for an emergency

Information and resources to help residents reduce the impacts and consequences of natural disasters.

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Emergency SMS notifications

A complimentary SMS notification service to residents for when a fire ban is declared.  

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Evacuation centres

If evacuation of an area is necessary, the City will notify residents of the appropriate evacuation centre via Emergency WA , local ABC 720AM , the DFES website and the City’s website and social media channels.  

For further information visit the DFES website.

Information on Fire and emergency management