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Quinns Rocks - Proposed Single House at 10 Ocean Drive - DA2020/909

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 11/09/2020 to 16/09/2020.


Proposed Single House at 10 Ocean Drive, Quinns Rocks - DA2020/909

The above-mentioned development application is currently being advertised for public comment until 16 September 2020. The application proposes a single house (4-bed x 4-bath) with a double car garage and store. The dwelling also includes terraced retaining along the front of the site, which will be landscaped. The proposal (whilst generally compliant with the relevant provisions) is seeking a variation to the ‘deemed-to-comply’ provisions of the R-Codes for the following components:

  • Nil setback of the garage/store along the north-western (10.3m (L) x 3.3m (H)) and north-eastern boundaries (11.5m (L) x 3.3m (H)).  
  • A portion of overlooking resulting from the front balcony to the north-west (12 Ocean Drive, Quinns Rocks)

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Following the conclusion of the consultation period the application will then proceed to be determined by the City's Administration.