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Madeley - Traffic Management Device Installation, Kingsway (Service Road)

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 14/03/2016 to 28/03/2016.


As a result of the need for further analysis of the information resulting from the community consultation exercise, the report for this project was unable to be included in the 26 April meeting and will now be presented at the 24 May Council meeting.


Following the initial engagement on Kingsway Stage 3 Traffic Management Scheme, the City is seeking further comment from residents in the service road for No. 17 to 33 regarding the possible installation of a traffic management device on the service road adjacent to No. 25 & 27 Kingsway, Madeley.

In the past the City has received numerous reports from residents regarding the use of the service road by motorists attempting to bypass Kingsway and avoid waiting behind buses which stop on Kingsway when heading east. The movement has been witnessed to occur on a number of occasions and considered dangerous due to the speed at which vehicles are travelling in order to get around the bus and then enter back on to Kingsway ahead of the buses.

The City has developed a solution which it feels should address the issue and deter motorists from completing the manoeuvre. However, in order to ensure residents are able to voice their opinions, the City is requesting residents who access directly from the service road to provide their comment and advise their level of support. The City proposes to install a full width rubber speed cushion adjacent to no. 25 & 27 Kingsway. These devices are commonly used on local access roads and have been proven to be very effective in reducing overall vehicle speeds. Please note, the City has investigated other options including moving the buses off the road, however, a 3m area in the verge is required to do this which due to the service road being in place is not possible. Similarly, the option of blocking the service road at either end or in the middle would make the service road unserviceable for garbage trucks.

The City is now seeking your level of support for the proposed speed cushion treatment. Please complete the below survey in the 'Get Involved' section no later than 28 March 2016.  

The concept design been included in the 'Document Library' below.

The report considering the community consultation together with the results of the community consultation for the Kingsway Stage 3 Traffic Management Scheme is expected to be presented to Council at the 26 April 2016 meeting.

If you would like to view the report ahead of it being presented to Council, you are requested to visit the City’s website at www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au and click on ‘Your Council’ and select ‘Minutes and Agendas’. Any reports being considered at future meetings will be available for viewing in the “Agenda” approximately 1 week prior to the report meeting date.

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