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What approvals do I need? - Pergolas

Description A pergola is an unroofed open framework structure used for shading and screening – covering is limited to battens, open lattice and/or shade cloth.
Do I need approval?

Planning Approval (also referred to as Development Approval) is only required for pergolas proposed on land zoned as Rural Resource, General Rural or Special Rural. If the property is zoned outside of those categories, planning approval is not required. Should planning approval be required, it must be obtained prior to a building permit being issued.

A Building Permit is only required for pergolas when the proposed structure exceeds 20m2. A building permit is not required for a pergola that is less than 20m2 and less than 2.4m in height unless there is already an existing pergola on the property.

What do I need to submit?


Please refer to the City's DA Checklist - Residential Additions for a complete list of the information required to apply for planning approval.


Please refer to the City's Pergolas, Shade Sails & Vergolas Information Sheet for a complete list of the information required to apply for a building permit.

If your structure has already been constructed without prior approvals and/or permits, please refer to our Unauthorised Works page which includes a separate application checklist.

Fees & Lodgement


Please refer to the below page for further information regarding application fees.

Planning and Building Application Fees


The City's preferred method for submitting Planning and Building applications is online. Please refer to the below links to lodge an application.

Online Planning Forms

Online Building Forms

Do not hesitate to contact the City on 9405 5000 if you have any queries prior to lodgement.