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What approvals do I need? - Signage

Description Signage is used for the purpose of advertising and includes advertisements and advertising devices. These include any object or structure which advertises businesses, functions, operations, developments etc.
Do I need approval?


If your sign does not meet the design standards in the Signs Local Planning Policy, then you will need to seek planning approval in the form of a 'Development Application'. For a full list of signs which are exempt, see Schedule 4 of the District Planning Scheme No.2. 

Please note: Where applicable a planning approval should be obtained prior to submitting for a building permit.


A sign licence is required for all signs unless it is mentioned as exempt in Clause 15 in the City's Sign Local Law.


What do I need to submit?


Please refer to the City's DA Checklist – Non-Residential Development for a complete list of the information required to apply for planning approval.


If your proposed sign will be placed on private land, please refer to our Signage on Private Land Information Sheet for a complete list of the information required to apply for a sign licence. 

If the proposed signage does not fit into this category, please refer to our various other sign information sheets here

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