What approvals do I need? - Decking

Description Decking can be described as a flat surface or platform capable of supporting weight, similar to a floor, but typically constructed outdoors. Decking is often elevated from the ground and usually connected to a building.
Do I need approval?

Yes, all decking requires a Building Permit, regardless of the height or floor area.

Please note: A Development Application may be required for Decking over 500mm in height from Natural Ground Level.

What do I need to submit?
  • A completed BA1 or BA2 form - Application for Building Permit
  • A completed Certificate of Design Compliance (certified applications only)
  • Relevant fees
  • 1x copy of a site plan. The site plan must be drawn at a minimum scale of 1:200, showing the distance the decking will be setback from the lot boundaries and any other structures on the lot.
  • 1x copy of the elevations / sections drawn at a minimum scale of 1:100, showing all dimensions.
  • 1x copy of the construction details showing materials to be used, their respective sizes, spacing and spans.
  • 1x copy of connection details to the existing building and anchorage to footings, including dimensions.
  • 1x copy of Engineers details (required for Decking which is 500mm or more in height from Natural Ground Level)
  • Street and Verge Bond Permit Application
What are the requirements?

Decking may be located up to a side or rear boundary provided it complies with the Residential Design Codes and the City’s Local Law’s relating to Fencing.

Decking over 500mm in height is considered to be the same as a Balcony and as such, requires a setback of 7.5m to side and rear boundaries. Reduced setbacks may be considered via an Application to Commence Development (Development Approval).

Timber decking must be designed and constructed in accordance with AS 1684.2-2010 (Residential Timber-Framed Construction)

Engineer’s details may be required for decking over 500mm in height from Natural Ground Level. Engineer’s details are not generally required for decking less than 500mm in height from Natural Ground Level, however it will be at the discretion of the Building Surveyor assessing the plans as to whether they will be required.

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