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Road Projects - Wanneroo - Vincent Road and Garden Park Drive new pathway

Suburb Wanneroo
Ward Central
Key Facts

This project has been funded under the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

This program supports local councils to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure projects across Australia, supporting jobs and the resilience of local economies to help communities bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project has been generated as a result of numerous enquiries from local residents for a pathway linkage from the adjoining Wanneroo/Sinagra residential areas to the new dog exercise park, sports field and amenities building at the Edgar Griffiths Park.

Works will involve the installation of 620m of 1.5m wide concrete path on Vincent Road (north side) between Griffiths Road and Garden Park Drive as well as 450m of 2.5m wide concrete path on Garden Park Drive (east side) between Vincent Road and Edgar Griffiths Dog exercise area carpark.

Completed Stages

Environmental approvals

Current Stage



Upcoming Stages


Expected Date of Completion

March 2021


Phone: 9405 5000
Email: enquiries@wanneroo.wa.gov.au

Date updated: 9 February 2021

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