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Homelessness and Hardship Support

The City of Wanneroo works with a network of stakeholders to help achieve positive outcomes for our vulnerable community members. If you are experiencing homelessness, at risk of being homeless or if you would like to provide help there are a range of services that can assist.

Please navigate to the correct service below that reflects your circumstance. If you need assistance accessing the internet for further information, City of Wanneroo Libraries provide free access to Wi-Fi and public computers with a library card.


The following City of Wanneroo resource are available to assist those at risk of, or experiencing homelessness and hardship.

Support Services Guide

Homelessness and Hardship Services Directory

Regional Homelessness Plan

The City of Wanneroo adopted a Regional Homelessness Plan in December 2018. The Plan has been developed in partnership with the City of Joondalup and guides the Cities response to homelessness. The plan includes input from agencies, community groups and organisations also working towards ending hardship and homelessness. The Regional Homelessness Plan seeks to provide a framework that will inform how the Cities respond to homelessness and provides milestones for action.

For further information regarding the Regional Homelessness Plan, contact the City's Community Development team on 9405 5000 or email: communitydevelopment@wanneroo.wa.gov.au

Information on Homelessness and Hardship Support