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Compliments, feedback and complaints

At the City of Wanneroo we strive to deliver service excellence and provide the best possible customer experience throughout every interaction we have with our customers as outlined in our Customer Service Commitment

We value your compliments and feedback and encourage you to let us know if we have exceeded your expectations or if we don’t meet your expectations so that we can celebrate our customer service achievements or identify opportunities for improvement.

Our Customer Service Commitment

Complete the online feedback form or online compliment form. Please note this does require us to obtain your contact information. In the event that you wish to remain anonymous you can email us at enquiries@wanneroo.wa.gov.au or phone us on 9405 5000 and ask to speak with the City's Customer Liaison Officer.


What is feedback?

Feedback means 'A reaction or response to a process or activity in the aim of initiating improvement in service delivery'.

Feedback form


What is a compliment?

Compliment means 'An expression of praise, admiration or congratulation'.

Compliment form


What is a complaint?

'Dissatisfaction with services or products of the City and its contractors, or with the action of employees or Council in the provision of those services or products'.

How to make a complaint:

Complaint form

The City of Wanneroo has a formal procedure when dealing with complaints. The Customer Liaison Officer, who is responsible for dealing with any compliments, feedback and complaints made to the City, will assess your complaint to determine the best course of action and may refer your complaint to another officer/Service Unit if a more technical response is required.

Each complaint received will be acknowledged and we aim to respond to your comments within 7 days of receipt. Should the investigation require more time you will be contacted with an interim response before responding with a full and detailed reply and/or resolution.

Anonymous complaints

The City understands that there may be situations that you do not feel comfortable with and do not wish to provide your personal information.

We encourage you to provide us with contact details to enable the City to respond. If you wish to remain anonymous please understand that feedback cannot be provided to you and this will limit our ability to successfully resolve your complaint.