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Council elections

Quick facts: Local Government elections

  • The City of Wanneroo has a total of 15 members of council -  a Mayor and 14 Councillors who represent the City’s seven wards and the City as a whole.
  • Local g​​overn​m​e​nt elections are generally held every two years on the third Saturday in October.
  • Mayoral and Councillor elections including extraordinary elections are provisioned by the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act).
  • Historically, the City of Wanneroo has used the postal voting system. Full details are mailed to all eligible voters prior to an election.
  • Council Members are elected for a four-year term with half of the Elected Members' terms ending at each biennial election.
  • The Mayor is elected by popular vote, and the Deputy Mayor is elected from within Council.
  • An extraordinary election may be held between general elections should a Council seat become vacant.
  • Voting in Local Government elections is not compulsory, but highly encouraged.

How often do Local Government Elections occur?

Council Members are elected for terms of four years in Western Australia. Elections are held every two years for half of the council, and candidates are elected using the first-past-the-post voting system. If a vacancy occurs within a term, an extraordinary election is held.


Who can vote?

In order to vote in council elections, you must be enrolled on either the State electoral roll (Residents Roll) or the City of Wanneroo Non-resident Owners and Occupiers Roll.


Does the City of Wanneroo have Electoral Wards?

Yes, the City has seven wards, with two Council Members representing each ward.


What are the different options for voting in a Local Government Election?

Each local government can choose to conduct an election as either a voting ‘in person’ election or as a postal voting election.

Historically the City of Wanneroo has conducted postal voting elections to maximise participation from its electors.


Who conducts elections for the City of Wanneroo?

Postal elections are managed by the Western Australian Electoral Commission on behalf of the Local Government.


What is an extraordinary election?

An extraordinary election may occur in cases where a councillor or mayor vacates their position from Council during their period of office, to fill the vacancy as prescribed by the Act.

Persons voted as a councillor or Mayor as part of an extraordinary election, are only elected for the remainder of the term of the former councillor or mayor.

When an extraordinary election is required, Council will determine the election date which is to occur within four months of receiving notification of a position becoming vacant.


Can council elect a current Councillor or the Deputy Mayor to ‘act’ as the Mayor in the event of the position being vacant?

Under the Act, there is no provision for an Acting Mayor, however the Deputy Mayor may perform the functions of the Mayor until such time as an extraordinary election is conducted as and when authorised to do so (see section 5.34 of the Act) – where:

  • the office of the Mayor is vacant; or
  • the Mayor is not available, unable to or unwilling to perform the functions of the Mayor. 


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