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District Planning Scheme Number 2 (DPS 2)

The City's District Planning Scheme No. 2 (DPS 2) is a statutory document which provides the framework for the planning and development of land.  DPS 2 sets out the way land is to be used and developed by classifying various land uses into appropriate zones, for example residential and commercial.  DPS 2 also includes controls to ensure long-term planning objectives are achieved.

DPS 2 comprises:


  • Scheme text gazetted on 6 July 2001 (as amended)
  • Deemed Provisions (set out in Schedule 2 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 
  • Supplemental Provisions to the Deemed Provisions, contained in Schedule A of the scheme text.

The text which can be downloaded below comprises all of the above text.


The maps comprise:

  • The Scheme Maps, which show zones and reserves and areas which are subject to Special Control Areas
  • Residential Density Code Maps, which show Residential Design Codes, as well as areas which are subject to Structure Plans

The map which can be downloaded below shows all of the above mapping information, except for areas which are subject to Structure Plans.  (Information regarding Structure Plans is available under 'Structure Plans and Local Development Plans'.)

DPS 2 map

DPS 2 text

How to request an Amendment to the City's Planning Scheme