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Residential Recoding

Quinns Rocks Residential Recoding

The City of Wanneroo has previously expressed its intent to amend the residential density codings of various properties in Quinns Rocks, including those in the vicinity of Ocean Drive and those closest to the coast. The recoding is consistent with the City’s intentions in line with its Local Planning Policy 3.1 – Local Housing Strategy Implementation (LPP 3.1).

As part of the process to recode these properties, the City will consider the following:

  • The State Government’s criteria relating to density increases in residential areas.
  • Quinns Rocks unique coastal character and landform.
  • The impacts of potential sea level rise and coastal erosion in relation to properties close to the beach. 

State Planning Policy 2.6 – State Coastal Planning (SPP 2.6) stipulates that a precautionary approach should be followed by local governments in their consideration of development and subdivision proposals for foreshore properties affected by coastal erosion. 

In line with the Policy, the City is currently implementing the recently completed Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) for the City’s coastline, including Quinns Rocks. As part of this, the initial assessment of Quinns Rocks, undertaken as part of the CHRMAP process, is being considered and as per previous advice to local residents, further monitoring will occur to test the effectiveness of the Quinns groynes.

Currently properties along the coast with residential density codes of R20 can generally be subdivided. In this regard, the City has committed to having notifications placed on titles soon when affected properties are subdivided, so that existing and future property owners are aware of potential risks. This is a requirement of SPP 2.6 and is already being practiced by adjacent local authorities, the City of Joondalup and the Shire of Gingin. 

The recoding of properties potentially affected by coastal erosion from the current R20 to a proposed R60 as included in LPP 3.1 will be carefully considered. It is increasingly apparent that decisions to allow these properties to be subdivided could increase the number of properties to be affected by coastal erosion.

To give Quinns Rocks residents more certainty, the City will explore the options available and consider the best approach going forward taking into account the community’s best interests.

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