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Obtrusive outdoor lighting

When considering outdoor lighting for your property it should be positioned so that it does not intrude into adjoining properties and public spaces.

Inappropriately placed lighting that spills into adjoining properties can have a negative impact on that property causing annoyance, distraction or even discomfort.

Light spill that impacts on road users can significantly reduce visibility and poses a safety risk to users of the road and pathways.

Light trespass from unshielded and uncontrolled light source

Standard flood light

Shielded and controlled light source

Shielded flood light

This standard takes into account several aspects of potential obtrusiveness, unwanted light falling on surrounding properties, the brightness of the illumination which may obstruct visibility of nearby residents and users of adjacent roads and public property. 

Factors that should be considered when installing lighting include: 

  • Whether the lighting is required in that specific location, or whether it could be placed in an alternative location that may be less obtrusive.
  • Lighting should be directed downwards and towards the area you are intending to illuminate. • Use of shielded lights which direct light onto the intended area. 
  • The higher the light is mounted, the less impact it may have in terms of light spill. 
  • The level of illumination should be appropriate for the area that you are intending to illuminate. 

Further information 

Guidance on preventing obtrusive lighting is available by obtaining a copy of the Australian Standard AS4282-2019 (not available from the City). For further information, please contact the City’s Compliance Services team on (08) 9405 5000.