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Ranger Services

Graffiti removal

The City of Wanneroo removes graffiti from City owned assets and infrastructure and private residential boundary fencing which adjoins public land.

The City aims to remove graffiti within 24 to 48 hours of notification, weather and workload permitting. Offensive graffiti is removed within four hours of notification.

The City is not responsible for removing graffiti from private property, schools, commercial sites, development sites, shopping centres, businesses and public utilities.

Method of removal (either chemical removal or paint-out) is decided by the operator or owners by special request.

Requesting graffiti removal

The City may receive reports about graffiti by email, letter, in person or online. Alternatively, phone 9405 5220 to leave a detailed message with the answering service.

An indemnity from the property owner is required prior to removing any graffiti. Digital photographs are also taken prior to removal in case police require evidence.

Goodbye Graffiti

The Goodbye Graffiti website is an online information service to assist the Western Australian community with graffiti removal, reporting and prevention advice.

If graffiti vandalism occurs on your own property or a property you are responsible for, you should report the incident as soon as possible.

Watch the video on Goodbye Graffiti here