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Public art of the month - 2022

Art of the Month - December 2022

Artwork of the month december 2022 christmas trees

Title: Christmas Trees on the Bay Track by Robert Juniper
Medium: Oil and acrylic on Belgium linen

Robert Juniper's art has earned him national and international recognition and numerous awards and honours, including an honorary doctorate from the University of Western Australia in 1984 for his contribution to contemporary Australian art. In 1998, the Ministry for Culture and the Arts in Western Australia presented him with a State Living Treasures Award. He was winner of the prestigious Wynne Prize for landscape painting in 1980 and in 1999 The Art Gallery of Western Australia held a major survey exhibition of his work. 

Recognised as an artist of poetic and spontaneous vision, Robert Juniper has established himself as one of Australia's leading painters. He is best known for his evocative depictions of the West Australian landscape. His main influences range from English painters of the early 1900s, Paul Klee, and Japanese work of the 19th century, through to his contemporary, Australian artist, Sam Fullbrook.

Art of the Month - October 2022

Artwork of the month october 2022 love spells for a thief

Title: Love Spells for a Thief by Elizabeth Marruffo
Medium: Giclee Print and Copper Leaf on Hahnemuhle Paper

Elizabeth Marruffo is from the small border town of Agua Prieta in Sonora, Mexico. In her painting practice, Marruffo engages with ideas of self-representation along with themes of collective grief, loss and love. Her paintings appear as dreamlike images where the earthly and the otherworldly co-exist. With an increasing interest in folkloric traditions, she uses the techniques of a traditional painting practice and creates works that have a distinctive and contemporary voice.

After finishing a series of international arts residencies in Italy and Mexico, Elizabeth's luggage was stolen. Luggage containing all of the work she had created over the 12 month period. It was a devastating experience. She began to paint a series of votive works for the unidentified thief of her artworks. Each one, a love spell, an attempt to turn loss and devastation into hope and optimism. These sixty love spells are painted on hexagonal panels of wood, incorporating the symbols she has developed in practice, some of the artworks that were stolen, as well as some of the mundane personal items.

Art of the Month - September 2022

Polynesian Pina Colada Painter, The Yok & Sheryo

Title: Polynesian Pina Colada Painter, The Yok & Sheryo
Medium: Risograph print

The Yok grew up in Perth, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Curtin University, and helped pioneer the Perth street art movement before moving to Africa and South East Asia to explore ideas and new cultures. In addition to being accomplished with the spray paint medium, he also delivers a sophisticated illustrative style to his canvas work. Sheryo hails from Singapore and started painting in the streets in 2005. During her formative years, she developed a distinctive style and subsequently emerged as one of Singapore's top street artists. In 2008 she started her travels and moved to Cambodia in 2011. Working from a home studio in the red light district of Phnom Penh, she delved deeper into her twisted world of exquisite lines and quirky mythology. 

The duo experiment with ancient artisan techniques from lost eras and remix them with their bold styles; a mash-up of tattoo designs, comic illustrations, skate and surf motifs, creating a beautiful cacophony of old and contemporary. The Yok and Sheryo are two artists whose unique styles complement each other perfectly, and their collaborative works are so harmonious that they almost appear the work of an individual. They travel and work the international street arts and gallery circuit and have been listed in the Top 10 Street Artists to watch in New York where they have been based since 2011.

Art of the Month - August 2022

Winter Morning

Title: Winter Morning by Marie Hobbs
Medium: Watercolour

Artist Marie Hobbs had her first exhibition in 1974 at the Old Fire Station Gallery, then under the direction of Rie Heymans. She regularly showed at Delaney Galleries and also exhibits in Adelaide and Melbourne. Her many prizes and awards include an overseas travel grant by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council. She represented in private and public collections, including the AGWA and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Her paintings are often inspired by her immediate surrounds, whether she is in the local landscape, travelling or at home. It is this willingness to continue to take risks with her work, to see the world anew with such vigour, and to continue to rejoice in the struggle it takes to put these things onto canvas that is so inspirational in her work. 

Art of the Month - July 2022

Artwork of the month july 2022 Fathers Country

Title: Father's Country by Jimmy Pike
Medium: Silk screen 46/95

Jimmy Pike was born in the Great Sandy Desert and his early life was spent as a member of a nomadic group living traditionally by hunting and gathering, moving from waterhole to waterhole according to the seasons. In 1980 Jimmy was first introduced to painting materials, and discovered his talent for art and design. Today his art is exhibited in galleries throughout Australia and in Europe, USA and Japan.

Jimmy Pike's paintings of the physical and spiritual quality of his traditional Walmajarri country have added a new dynamism to the central positions of landscape in Australian art.They project a new dimension to our understanding of connections of place and identity. The artist's themes of the intricacies of desert landscape, the visual character of the changing seasons and the particularities of its Aboriginal spirituality have transformed this extremely isolated area of the northern part of Australia into a tangible experience.

Art of the Month - May 2022

Artwork of the month may 2022

Title: Occurrence by Helen Robins
Medium: Paper clay and wire

I am a ceramic artist living in coastal Perth, Western Australia. I originally trained as a teacher and did further studies in behavioural science. After a lifelong interest in clay, I established my studio in 2015.

Helen Robins' sculptures are inspired by the landscape and ocean forms of Western Australia. She uses paper clay to build complex and delicate structures made by layering individual pieces over a central shape and adding metal to the finished form. She likes to explore the contrast and unpredictability between these materials with the outcome of each sculpture being uncertain and unique. Helen's current artwork aims to explore the ongoing interaction between our environment and our inner self. Living by the sea, Helen is fascinated by the relationship of the shoreline to the ocean and it’s similarities to our own identity. Like the coastline, we have two interrelated parts: the shore which is our outer self and the ocean being our hidden depth.

Art of the Month - April 2022

Sacrifice, Rebecca Dagnall

Title: Sacrifice by Rebecca Dagnall
Medium: Photo, film and digital media

Rebecca Dagnall was born in Australia in 1972. As an artist Rebecca’s medium of choice is photography. Her work has been a series of explorations into notions of suburbia and culture, the bush as psychological space, the Australian gothic and the ongoing investigation into peoples’ relationships with their immediate surroundings.

‘Sacrifice’ has effective use of light and dark, both literally and thematically. With beautiful presentation, a powerful impact, and skilful editing, this artwork is compelling and rewards long viewing. In Rebecca’s own words, “The picture is about the sacrifices we have all had to make”. The Goat is about the Sacrifice that both human and animals have to deal with now and during COVID. Rebecca feels like a sacrificial goat, in terms of the sacrifices we have had to make because of COVID – not seeing family, no travel, losing jobs, wearing masks for the good of all.