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Community Golf Course Review

Final Strategic Plan released

Council approved the final Golf Courses Strategic Plan on 15 October 2019.  

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the community consultation period.  The Plan is now available online for viewing - See Documents section on this page.

The City’s goal with this Strategic Plan is to describe activities and opportunities to revitalise the civic golf courses in the City of Wanneroo over the next 15 years.

This Plan describes how the golf courses will become more appealing to a wider range of users by introducing new services and facilities, and ensuring that they are relevant to changing community expectations and remain profitable. 

Project Background

Did you know that the City is responsible for two beautiful and popular golf courses? 

Our golf courses at Carramar and Marangaroo are well-used by local golfers and we are seeing attendance increase as players recognise how well-maintained and well-managed these facilities are.  However, non-golfers are missing out!

Both golf courses have structures and facilities that are out-dated and will soon be due for renovation or replacement. The City has identified an opportunity to extensively develop the golf course premises to support the City’s vision of vibrant distinctive places and connected communities, and to attract non-golfers to take part in the fun.

Between 3 September and 29 October 2018 the City invited community feedback on potential future facilities being considered at City of Wanneroo golf courses.

Key Dates

Public comment period (CLOSED)

    September to October 2018

    Date: 29/10/2018

Project team review

    November 2018 to August 2019

    Date: 31/08/2019

Report to Council

    Council approved the Golf Courses Strategic Plan on 15 October 2019.

    Date: 31/10/2019

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Shared community comments


by Other, 2 years ago

by Resident, 2 years ago
As a Ratepayer & Resident of Carramar for some 16 years now, I certainly agree with some earlier comments regarding the proposed upgrade to the Golf Complex ie: having already experienced the noise factor & ongoing delay to the entry & exit routes to the estate. I do agree though that these are things that we have to endure so, hopefully when completed, we will experience less traffic congestion & a much better flow. However, as mentioned in an earlier comment, the so called ' Prison Wall ' who's idea was that? the Crown Judge? It does bring the point of plans to upgrade the Golf Course to be properly thought out. The idea of play areas & Mini Golf for children is a positive one, also introducing a Cafe/Restaurant facility overlooking the Lake area by the 10th Tee could be a plus. The Course itself offers I think, one of the best kept Public courses in Perth, but also as mentioned, the Practice chipping & Bunker area perhaps could do with an upgrade, maybe made into a slightly larger area. The idea also of a decent Function room for private celebrations might be considered, but would have to be carefully thought out with regards to its usage. I think something like that would interest Golf Societys to perhaps hold Corporate Golf Days. Obviously not all the ideas suggested by people in this Survey are going to suit all, you cant please everybody, but at least in my view the thought process of upgrading & improving an already excellent facility is a positive one.

by Resident, 2 years ago

by Ratepayer, 2 years ago

by Resident, 2 years ago

by Other, 2 years ago

by Ratepayer, 2 years ago

by Resident, 2 years ago

by Resident, 2 years ago

by Resident, 2 years ago

by Resident, 2 years ago
I am a resident of Carramar. Please do not contemplate doing anything further to destroy the aesthetics of what was once a very pleasant suburb of Carramar. Firstly there was the traffic calming measures on golf links drive that now make it impossible to legally overtake a bicycle along the entire length of Golf Links Drive. Then there came the high security prison wall along Wanneroo road that could more effectively been sound proofed with foliage than concrete. Then we are about to have the monstrous monstrosity of an overpass at Wanneroo rd/ Joondalup drive. Which could easily of been planned as an underpass instead, if really needed at all. Our community is gradually being raped by careless development with no care to the people who have to live with it. So please please don’t do anything at Carramar golf course that can permanently be seen or heard from outside the course.

by Resident, 2 years ago
I am a local resident of carramar living opposite thr course. As a resident updating the facility I believe would be welcomed however I don’t believe further development of the site is required at this time. The area has seen a number of developments over the past year the road widening and resultant noise and poor planing, then we have the prison wall that has been erected which could have been so much more in aesthetically pleasing if it had been a tree line. Then we have the 30m lelephone tower that is going to be installed on the golf course as an eye sore to the residents. Then we have the fly over at Wanneroo road and jundaloop drive another eye sore that is not required. So their is little confidence in the planing department to active a plan that is both useful or beneficial to the residents of carramar.

by Resident, 2 years ago

by Resident, 2 years ago

by Supplier, 2 years ago

by Resident, 2 years ago

by Councillor, 2 years ago

by Employee, 2 years ago