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Special Council Meeting - 5:30pm, Tuesday 28 May 2024

Notice is given that a Special Council Meeting will be held at 5:30pm on Tuesday 28 May 2024 at the Civic Centre Council Chambers (Level 1), 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo.

The purpose of the meeting is for Council to consider the following item:

  • Confidential – Staff matter

The meeting will be closed to the public during the confidential discussion and reopened at the conclusion of the session, after which the Mayor will read aloud any resolutions that may have been made on that item.

For further information please contact Council Support on (08) 9405 5546.

Mr Bill Parker Chief Executive Officer


Notice of Proposal to Make a Local Law

The City of Wanneroo resolved at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on 19 March 2024 to advertise the following proposed Local Law:


The purpose of the proposed Bushfire Brigades Local Law 2024 is to make provisions about the establishment and organisation of bush fire brigades.

The effect is to align the City of Wanneroo’s Bushfire Brigades Local Law with changes in the law and operational practice.

A copy of the proposed law may be inspected at the City of Wanneroo offices at 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo during normal office hours. Electronic copies of the Local Law can be downloaded from the City’s website at wanneroo.wa.gov.au.

Submissions about the proposed law (marked for the attention of Governance) can be emailed to enquiries@wanneroo.wa.gov.au, mailed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Wanneroo, Locked Bag 1 WANNEROO WA 6946 or made in person at the City of Wanneroo Civic Centre, 23 Dundebar Road Wanneroo by 4.00pm on Friday 6 October 2023.


Name: Nicky Barker, Governance Specialist
9405 5000


Public Notice of Major Trading Undertaking Business Plan - Alkimos Aquatic & Recreation Centre

The City of Wanneroo (City) is proposing to enter into a major trading undertaking with the development of the Alkimos Aquatic & Recreation Centre.

The Alkimos Aquatic & Recreation Centre will be within the Alkimos Central Development and will be located as part of Lot 2 on Deposited Plan 419385 at (No. 2570) Marmion Avenue, Alkimos.

A Business Plan for the delivery and operation of the Alkimos Aquatic & Recreation Centre has been prepared accordance with the Local Government act 1995. A copy of this Business Plan may be inspected at, or obtained from;

Submission about the proposed transaction must be made in writing and should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Wanneroo, Locked Bag 1, Wanneroo WA 6946. Submission must be received by 5pm (WST) Friday 5 April 2024.

Submissions or comments are anticipated to be presented to Council at its Ordinary Meeting of June 2024 for consideration and will inform Council’s decision making on the matter.

Bill Parker


Cats Local Law 2023

The City of Wanneroo has made a local law titled Cats Local Law 2023 and comes into effect from 15 December 2023.

The purpose of the local law is to set a ‘standard number’ of cats, provide controls for nuisance cats and to prohibit cats in sensitive areas.

The effect of the local law is that a person must not keep more than the standard number of cats unless provided for by the local law, Cat Act 2011 (WA) or associated regulations; ensure that a cat does not create a nuisance and that a cat is not permitted in a prohibited place.

The local law may be inspected at the City’s offices at 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo during normal business hours.

An electronic copy can be downloaded from the City’s website at www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au

Noelene Jennings PSM
Acting Chief Executive Officer

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Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960 - Section 449 - Appointments

It is hereby notified for public information that the following persons have been appointed as authorised persons for the City of Wanneroo:

Pound Keeper Authorised Officers

  • David Bates – Ranger
  • Craig De Jersey – Ranger
  • Clayton Medders – Ranger
  • Rob Grygorcewicz – Ranger
  • Erin Bruce – Ranger
  • Paul Hill – Ranger
  • Callum Arnold – Ranger
  • Eric Ayers – Ranger
  • Matt Douse – Ranger
  • Nathan Tenni – Ranger
  • David Meinen – Ranger
  • Ken Ostle – Ranger
  • Andrew McLeod – Ranger
  • Dave Murie – Ranger
  • Sean Pender – Ranger
  • Dale Evans – Ranger
  • Chantelle Dickerson – Ranger
  • Beto Madureira – Ranger
  • Roger Mansfi eld – Ranger
  • Jared Conti – Ranger
  • Alex Morrison – Ranger
  • Mark Hastle – Ranger
  • Steve Winters – Ranger
  • Amy Southcott – Animal Care Officer
  • Kristy Aldunce Leiva – Animal Care Officer

All previous appointments are hereby revoked.

Noelene Jennings PSM
Acting Chief Executive Officer

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