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Larger recycling bins ready to roll out

Published Friday, 16th October 2020

The City of Wanneroo will begin delivering new, larger recycling bins from Monday, 26 October 2020 to residents who registered for the free upgrade. The process will take up to five weeks to complete delivery of bins to all registered properties.

360 Litre Recycling Bins

Occupants who registered for a new recycling bin should leave their old recycling bin out from 6.00am on their usual collection day. The old bin will be emptied as usual and left on the kerbside. The new 360 litre bins will be delivered on the same day, ready to use.

Residents should ensure they leave their old, empty recycling bin on the kerbside, as it will be removed the following business day. The old bins will be reused or recycled into new bins and other recycled plastics material.

“More than 28,000 City of Wanneroo households have taken advantage of the free upgrade to a larger recycling bin,” said Mayor Tracey Roberts.

“Taking care of our environment is important to the City and to our community. These new bins will help divert a larger amount of material back into the recycling process and away from landfill.”

The project is part of the City’s strategy to reduce, reuse and recycle waste wherever possible. It is supported by the State Government and administered by the Waste Authority.

Residents who did not upgrade will have another opportunity to register in 2021.

Please visit the City’s website for further information on the 360 litre bin upgrade.

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