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Little steps to green thumbs

Published Wednesday, 17th June 2015

City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts delivered plants to kindergarten students at Ashdale Primary School last week.

Ashdale primary

The City donated 10 Conostylis candicans, (Grey Cottonheads) and 10 Gompholobium tomentosium (Hairy Yellow Pea) plants towards the school’s Sustainably Friendly Play Area project.

Mayor Roberts said the children were thrilled to receive the plants and proudly pointed out their garden area.

“It was very obvious that the nature play area was enjoyed by many students, including the play group and after school care children,” she said.

“The City is always happy to help projects that offer opportunities and support for young children to be involved in the environment.

“Schools often rely on donations from outside organisations and school families to run extracurricular activities and we were keen to support this project.”

The Sustainably Friendly Play Area includes native plants, a climbing tree and an interactive garden. 

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