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Shades of green across the City

Published Thursday, 18th November 2021

More than 5,500 trees have been planted across the City of Wanneroo this year to create cooler suburbs and more attractive streetscapes.

Children planting trees

A range of native and other suitable trees now add colour and life to our City’s roads, residential verges and parks. 

In addition, an incredible 85,000 tube stock were planted in revegetation sites this past winter, with valuable help from our community. 

All trees planted by the City, including those on residential verges, are added to the City’s maintenance program. This includes establishment watering for two years and pruning for the life of the tree to ensure safe lines of sight on streets and pathways, while also preserving tree canopy cover.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said the environmentally friendly planting program had many benefits for the City’s community and wildlife.

“Trees are not only lovely to look at, but they provide shade, help reduce temperature and noise, and create habitats for animals,” Mayor Roberts said. 

“This is a wonderful program to beautify our suburbs and create a more sustainable City.”

Mayor Roberts said the City of Wanneroo took a proactive approach to protecting existing trees and increasing tree canopy cover.

“The City is developing an Urban Forest Strategy to strengthen our efforts in these areas,” Mayor Roberts said.

Information about the work the City is doing to protect and enhance our natural environment can be found at wanneroo.wa.gov.au/conservation

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