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Wanneroo Council calls extraordinary election for new Mayor

Published Wednesday, 15th June 2022

Following the resignation of Mayor Tracey Roberts, City of Wanneroo Council resolved to hold an extraordinary election to fill the vacancy.

City of Wanneroo Council Chambers

At its June meeting, Wanneroo Council determined that the Western Australian Electoral Commission would be engaged to conduct a postal vote, with the election count to occur on Friday, 2 September 2022.

The new mayor’s term would expire in October 2023, when the role is due for re-election as part of the Local Government’s regular election cycle.

Concurrently, acknowledging the cost of an extraordinary election, Council requested the City ask the Minister for Local Government to exercise any powers he may have by no later than 5pm on Monday 11 July 2022 to either:

  • approve leaving the office of the Mayor vacant until the next Ordinary Election in October 2023, with the Deputy Mayor exercising the powers of the Mayor in the interim; or
  • in the event of an extraordinary election in 2022, approve that the elected Mayor remain in office until the 2025 Ordinary Election.

Should the Minister advise that an extraordinary election is required in accordance with the Local Government Act, the City will proceed with a postal vote in September 2022.

City of Wanneroo CEO, Daniel Simms said the Extraordinary Election was an opportunity for the community to make their voice heard.

“Whether you are a resident, ratepayer or business owner, voting provides an opportunity for you to help decide who will represent your community at the local government level,” he said.

In order to vote in council elections, you must be enrolled on either the State electoral roll (Residents Roll) or the City of Wanneroo Non-resident Owners and Occupiers Roll.

For more information, visit wanneroo.wa.gov.au.

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